About Us

A$AP Vlone

VLONE is an online street fashion brand that blends together edgy styles –such as distressed denim, tie-dye patterns, leather and camouflage– to create modern streetwear. Since our inauguration in 2011, we have provided our customers with apparel and accessories that are trendy, comfortable and the best value: the best quality at the lowest possible price! We justify the price through our unmatchable product quality.

Our designs stay true to our roots in Harlem, New York –the place where it all began. We have always made it a priority to highlight and globally showcase our culture and history through fashion. Apart from Harlem-inspired designs, our pieces combine contemporary fashion from around the globe; our first runway show featured some designs inspired by North Italy, South Africa and Japan.

There is truly something for everyone at VLONE; we are an intersection of all styles and trends. From distressed denim stitched with leather to hoodies with pop culture references, we have it all! This has been our firm belief that everybody deserves to find something that fits their style, makes them feel empowered, but is also high quality.

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What Does VLONE Stand for?

VLONE is short for the common phrase “you live alone, you die alone”. The “A” from the word “alone” has been inverted to form a “V”. This motif serves as VLONE’s logo and is featured on our signature clothing pieces. However, it goes deeper than aesthetics as it represents the negatively perceived feelings of loneliness and sadness. We at VLONE have turned these into our brand because we aim to eradicate the social stigma and taboo around these emotions.

One of the core themes we stand for is equality, specifically racial equality. In fact, we have an entire collection -called Black History- dedicated to the trauma African-Americans face because of their past struggles in the US. We displayed this specific collection at the Paris Fashion Week of 2018 to enlighten a global audience regarding racial injustice.

We also believe that everyone deserves easier accessibility to clothes specific to their styles. Hence, apart from our online presence, we often set up pop-up stores all around the world -from New York all the way to Hong Kong! We want our new customers to physically see the apparel themselves so they know for a fact that VLONE’s quality is indeed unmatchable. We can proudly say that most of our customer base comprises returning customers. It is our quality and accessibility that make customers loyal!

Our Founder

VLONE is currently co-owned by Jabari Shelton and Edison Chen but was singlehandedly founded by the former. Chen was recruited by Shelton because of his brand, CLOT’s, success in fashion. The duo works together from start to finish, providing our customers with the apparel they always come back for.

Shelton, more commonly referred to as A$AP Bari and Young Lord, was part of a hip-hop group back in Harlem called A$AP Mob. He went on to design clothing for a fellow member of the group –A$AP Rocky- when his rapping career took off.

Even though Shelton does not have any formal education in the fashion industry, he managed to create VLONE and gain international publicity and appreciation for it. In fact, this was his motivation through all of it: to prove to children that they truly can do anything they set their minds to. He would go around in Harlem with his friends to designer shops as a child but could only afford to view them. However, he wanted to create a mark in the fashion industry and he did so by creating VLONE. We, as a team, are very proud of our owner’s achievements.

Our Team

Our team is twofold: permanent and collaborators. Most of our permanent staff has been by our side since 2011 while our collaborators work with us occasionally.  These collaborators usually belong to the music industry and help us create our collections. For instance, we have had A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti work with us in designing apparel.

Similarly, our team often expands and works with other infamous brands such as Nike. In fact, our most famous pair of shoes, the VLONE x Nike Air Force 1 Highs, was the result of this collaboration! Other brands our team has worked with include Off White and Palm Angels.

This occasional team expansion enables us to create diverse designs for our apparel. This ensures that we have something for everyone to wear; after all, one of our aims is inclusivity. We want our customers to feel valued and not miss out on quality products just because it does not “fit their style”. Instead, we want an open door for conversation where our customers can tell us where we can do better; we can be contacted on Instagram at @vlone_us

Vlone Collaboration

One of the many offshoot projects to brand out of the A$AP MOB empire, VLONE is a street fashion brand headed up by Jabari Shelton, better known as A$AP Bari or Young Lord. The brand is also supported by A$AP Rocky, and CLOT founder Edison Chen. The brand began surfacing on social media in 2013 and quickly gained notoriety after being worn by A$AP members and the likes of Ian Connor, Juice WRLS, Playboi Carti, Pop Smoke, and ASAP Rocky. Best known for its distinctive elongated text logo and “V” imprint, the brand mainly produces simple clothing.